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The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion

I feel I have been blessed with the best of everything.  Now don’t confuse the best with the most expensive as many sadly and unfortunately do.

My whole life, I have been blessed with extended love and admiration.  I was given every opportunity to explore my gifts and talents by playing sports, musical instruments and the freedom to explore and experiment with life.  My siblings and I never went without the necessities and when we were given surprise gifts it was always provided to us with the understanding that it was a privilege and never to take our fortunes for granted.

Knowing all my decisions made growing up and to this day aren’t always the wisest, I always have my family to fall back onto with no judgement.  My parent’s guidance has been my most invaluable teachings, it has certainly shaped me to be the individual I am today.


Life brings me many treasures that create warmth and happiness in my heart and a smile on my face.  Every Monday evening I take delight in sharing an intimate and memorable dinner with my family.  We laugh with each other, at each other and most importantly we all walk away with the memory of another great family get-together.

Being a part of such a loving and close family creates security in my heart to achieve my biggest dreams.  It makes me wonder, what my life would be like without the support of my family and friends?


I ask you, think of three things that make you happy and you couldn’t live without and then think of how you would feel if they were taken from you without reason.  How would you feel? How would you react?  It only takes me a brief moment of reflection to realise I wouldn’t be where I am today having the courage and security of my loved ones around me to achieve my dreams.

There is no doubting we all work hard enough to take pleasure in purchasing our little to grand luxuries.  But at what point do we take advantage of the privileges we have been given without giving back to ones in need?

They say with great success comes great responsibility.  I can’t change the world but I can help change the lives of the less fortunate and give them an opportunity to build their dreams.

Through my joy of giving, I have formed strong relationships with humble charities.   This has helped me raise awareness and sponsorship for many underprivileged young Australians and their families.


Share Your Story


If you are an organisation or individual with a modest heart of helping others, I want hear from you and share your story to continue inspiring others.

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